“Instagram killed my Vine”

I don’t know if I’m happy or sad that we live in a world of social media. I feel like a crack head sometimes because I’m always looking at my phone. Twitter is Calling me, Facebook is saying my name, Red Grant you need me, Red Grant where are you? Tumbler got me tumbling. I’m a fiend over here For this Instagram dope. When my phone is missing I feel like I have just lost my rock. What the hell is wrong with me? Am I a slave to the system? Or do I really need youtube this bad? I’m up to seven tweets a day. Am I tweeting or am I Tweaking for This Internet Heroin? I told myself you need rehab, so I check myself into Vine. The doctors at vine put me on six seconds medicine to help me slow down my habit. I wasn’t sending no more pictures. I was tweeting less. I wasn’t doing no more YouTube videos. I wasn’t liking anyone on Facebook, I thought I was cured. But then Instagram created video and it killed my Vine. So I guess Kendrick Lamarr was right “Instagram killed my Vine” ”Instagram killed my Vine”.
Red Grant

Black people will always be slaves, unless they wake up and see that they’re their on MASTER…

Willie Lynch was one of the most powerful slave owners in the West Indies in the 1600′s and he was turntup about slavery. He was so turntup that he implemented a program on how to control your slaves in 1612. If used properly salve masters could control their slaves for 400 more years. Last year in 2012 was supposed to be the last year of our slavery, but black people are still perpetuating slavery amongst our own people. “Look at this Lightskin Nigga” “Look at that Darkskin Nigga” “Look at his Old black ass” Look at these stupid Black kids” “Look at their poor Black asses” “Look at his Rich Black ass”, REALLY? The problem is  we have no respect for one another, maybe Willie Linch was right.  Maybe he meant to say slavery would last for 800 more years. See Black people keep screaming turnup, but we need to wake up, or we will always be chained up in slavery. So stop the hate now… Smh
Red Grant

It’s hard being a Man, It’s easy being a Woman…

I know the women who see the title of this blog are going to say “what the hell is Red Grant talking about, don’t he know that we have babies, we bleed once a month for five days, and we got to deal with men lying ass.” Blah blah blah blah. But at the end of the day it’s harder being a man.

Why you ask? Well first of all men have to go against there natural instincts, what women don’t know is we have to tame the beast everyday, yes I said the beast, the monster, the poker, the maniac, the rising star, the gentle giant, the stripper pole, the unpredictable pop up artist, the brother who wakes up early, the killer of VJJ, and the many other names that he is called. Sometimes he is called small by some women who are hurt by him, which I feel is very disrespectful. You should have told him that when he was small in you for the last two years.  Women don’t be mad at your man, be mad at his friend that lives below, because its his friend who doesn’t know he is suppose to live like the brain tells him too. God made him to seek and destroy. So him and the brain are always in constant war with one another. “I need VJJ” “no you don’t” “yes I do” “no you don’t” “ok I guess I don’t, but it feels like I do”.  At the end of the day the brain has to win this fight or we lose our beautiful women. I know some of you women are saying give me one of those below monsters and I will show you how to control him, it can’t be that hard, but if Y’all had a beef cake for one day most of y’all would lose your mind. You probably do it to a the first four ugly women you see. So that’s why I feel like it’s hard being a man.